Does CBD oil expire?

Does CBD oil expire?

If you are inclined to read for more information, most websites that sell CBD such as provide details on the expiration date of their products and you can simply check it on their websites. Oftentimes, you’ll see this information on the packaging as a label too as it is an FDA requirement to disclose this type of information.

But if you’d like more information about CBD oil expiration, please continue reading below:

What is the lifespan of CBD oils?

If the CBD oil that you purchased is proven to be of high quality, the average time it can last with premium quality is from fourteen to 24 months. This is the standard for shelf life of CBD oils and it only varies depending on the storage handling of the product.

Now, as CBD oils are very expensive, keeping them properly stored can extend their shelf life for more than the average time frame. In addition, if you made sure that you have purchased a high-quality product from a reliable manufacturer, then you can guarantee that it will last longer without losing its efficacy and potency.

Is there a possibility for CBD oil to get bad?

Same with other consumer products, CBD oils can expire. As mentioned earlier, it’s best practice to check the label or packaging for the expiration date of the product before you buy it. This information is added there for the interest of the consumer, aside from the fact that it is required as per FDA guidelines.

Now, if you wanted to get an insight about the factors that manufacturers consider in placing these expiration dates, here’s a list for your reference:

The method used to extract the oil affects the longevity of the by-product CBD oil.

If you are familiar with the process of extraction of CBD oils from their source, you may be already aware that the carbon dioxide method has always been the preferred extraction method for producing the best CBD oil quality. If this is the method that was used to extract the CBD oil, the by-product can retain its efficacy and potency much longer than those extracted through other means. This is due to the scientific fact that the compounds behave more stable when extracted through CO2 method.

The conditions for storing and isolation of the oil after extraction matters.

After refined CBD oil enters the isolation phase, it will still undergo a series of rigorous testing in an in-house laboratory for quality purposes. This is to make sure that all unwanted compounds are eliminated to ensure that the end product is pure and organic.

In addition, third-party labs on a monthly basis are also being facilitated to continuously verify and confirm that all products meet testing standards. Thus, the amount of time dedicated for storage and isolation will definitely be a detrimental factor in deciding the expiration date. If it is stored through these state-of-the art facilities, lifespan will definitely be longer.

Other extra time spent starting from the extraction date until the product is bought.

Finally, manufacturers also consider the period when the product leaves their storage facility to their distributors. They also factor in the conditions of the shipment process. Consider the questions like where will the products be stored while in transit? What is the temperature? Will the products be exposed to sunlight during handover? All these simple things are important in determining the product’s expiration date.

Meanwhile, here are some signs that you should observe to check if your CBD oil has already gone bad. Hint, you can use your senses to successfully determine this.

  1. THROUGH SENSE OF SMELL. Check the aroma that the CBD oil produces. Does it still have the same flavor as you first received it? Remember that this may smell differently if the expiration date has long passed.
  • THROUGH SENSE OF SIGHT. Visual cues will definitely give you a fair idea if your CBD oil is no longer potent enough to be used for your liking. It may turn a bit cloudy when it is no longer okay to be used or applied. There may also be a bit of change in its hue.
  • THROUGH SENSE OF TOUCH. It is easy to determine by feeling the texture of the CBD oil if something has changed. Premium quality feels smooth to touch but you’ll notice immediately if it has already thickened when applied. This is your sign that the CBD oil is nearing the end of its lifespan.

How can I make CBD oil last longer?

Finally, we all know that there is only so much that we can do to keep our precious CBD oils at its best condition. Everything meets its end so what we can do is to just make sure we keep it fresh to maximize the shelf life of our most cherished products.

  1. Open the bottle only when in use and make sure it is properly sealed when stored. And make sure that they are stored properly. Check the label for specific storage conditions. Make sure to follow the required temperature for storage. And, keep the bottle upright.
  • Do not transfer the oil to other bottles. Their original containers are designed to prolong the CBD oils efficacy and potency. Keeping it there will ensure you complete the destined life span of the product.
  • Do not contaminate! The thing with oils is that it is easily contaminated when exposed to unknown particles. If you can, avoid having the lid of the bottle touch even your palm or finger.
  • Avoid direct sunlight and any place near radiation. Any heat inducing place is an enemy of whatever it is that’s residing inside our precious bottle. They prefer the coolest places with enough humidity.