How Old Do You Have to Be To Buy CBD?

How Old Do You Have to Be To Buy CBD?

It’s interesting to know that there has been a lot of discussion online regarding the minimum age requirement in purchasing Cannabidiol (CBD) products. I’ve done my research and some of the most sought after CBD include CBD Gummies, CBD Lollipops, and CBD Oil Rubs. Of course there are other products readily available online. OhBeyond, for example, offers fully organic products with cannabis extract at

To provide a brief overview, the US Farm Bill of 2018 has established a new federal hemp regulatory system. This is in partnership with the US Department of Agriculture. The provisions of the bill establishes that commercial cultivation of industrial hemp plants for processing and marketing. However, each state has its laws and not all states have ratified their laws to come into line with the new federal regulations. So there is a bit of confusion about the availability of purchasing CBD for minors.

Given the situation, the determinants for age requirements may vary per State. The company selling these products may also impose their own age requirements and conditions. The legal age may fall within 18 to 21. As it is, it’s best to check the company’s Terms of Service to verify. Remember that the company’s operations are also subject to State and Federal laws.

Is CBD legal?

As mentioned previously, although the federal law has legalized producing and distributing cannabidiol extract products for consumer-use, not all States agree with the enacted law and have made their own State-specific provisions to the bill.

Not all states in the US have agreed to the legalization of production and consumption of medical cannabis. Regarding CBD, the FDA has only given approval for one prescription drug that can treat epilepsy. It is also currently illegal to sell CBD that was added to any food as a diet supplement.

Meanwhile, all states including the fourteen who didn’t legalize medical marijuana have agreed to allow the usage and consumption of CBD extracts. Laws were passed so this makes CBD products in the form of oil extracts legal in the US.

In the long run, the FDA is still in the process of studying and improving the regulatory procedures for CBD production and consumption. So whether it’s legal or not, it is always best to think carefully before you jump in to join the hype and expose yourselves or your loved ones to any product that may eventually put you at risk because of limited data on its benefits.

How old do you have to be to buy CBD?

According to the FDA, there is a distinction between which CBD products are available to legal adults, with eighteen being the legal age and those that are available even for minors. To summarize, only smokable flower or vaping oils are restricted to buyers 18 years old and up. Meanwhile, other forms of CBD such as CBD oil extracts, cremes, edibles, lollipops, topicals, etc.), should not be restricted to minors owing to their medical benefits. You can visit the Federal Website ( to verify this.

Hoc can CBD affect the body?

Truthfully, the studies regarding the effects of CBD on our body are pretty scarce. It hasn’t been long since the Farm Bill of 2018 has been approved so there are still a lot of things to learn about this topic.

According to recent studies, we can rely on the usefulness of CBD in stopping seizures, addressing anxiety, and for patients who suffer through the misery of insomnia, as well as helping curb opioid cravings and inflammation. But on the negative side, CBD has the potential to harm you as well.

Recent research shows that CBD can cause liver injury. It can also react negatively with other drugs that one is taking, causing serious side effects. It is also found that it can increase the risk of sleepiness when used with alcohol and other drugs for anxiety, thus increasing the susceptibility for acquiring a head injury.

It is also found out that CBD has also its fair share of side effects. The good thing is that these side effects can be observed and corrected as soon as the usage of CBD has been halted or the intake amount is reduced. The side effects are fairly simple like changes in mood and alertness and loss of appetite, so unless ignored, long term effects can be avoided.

Finally, despite all the hype and the research on the subject concerning CBD products, there are still many questions that we need to know and study about. Even now, since it has only been a few years back since it was used widely for consumption, we still don’t know what will happen if these products are taken for a long period. We are still figuring out the level of consumption that sets off the risks mentioned earlier after taking the products.

Also, since there are different methods of consumption, we can’t still narrow down the effects if taken orally, topically, or by inhalation. We cannot be sure how it affects a child’s brain or whether a pregnant woman who consumed it can cause effects on the fetus inside her womb or her breastfed newborn.

Surely, there are a lot of things we are unaware of about this product. But not to take away the promise that it can be very beneficial in the future of medicine. We need more research but CBD may prove to be an option for managing anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain.

For now, proper regulation and continuous research is needed. For safe practice, consumers should always check the product label to confirm the percentage of CBD before purchasing. Producers, on the other hand should be transparent about the health claims and side effects of their products by properly indicating them on their product labels and packing for the benefit of their consumers.